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How to stream YouTube on Arylic wireless audio systems

YouTube is a popular stream platform for people; and our Arylic wireless audio system supports connecting to YouTube, which makes it more convenient for us all to use. Let's take a look at how to stream YouTube as a sound source on a mobile phone using the Arylic wireless audio system. 

There are two ways to use YouTube as a sound source on your phone.
We can connect using Bluetooth or Airplay. Our Arylic wireless audio system supports Bluetooth 4.2 and Airplay

Now let's take iOS as an example and show you how to use YouTube as a sound source on your phone. You can refer to the steps below.

1) Stream YouTube via Bluetooth

Step 1: Use the "4Stream" APP to connect to the Arylic audio system via WiFi
Step 2: Switch to the Bluetooth mode in the 4STREAM app. After successfully switching to Bluetooth mode, the device will turn the blue light on.
Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth, find the device in Bluetooth, and connect. 
Step 4: Go directly to YouTube and play a video. 


Bluetooth 1Bluetooth 2


2) Stream YouTube via Airplay




(PS: Since the airplay connection itself has a 1.5s sound delay, it is recommended to use it when listening to music, but not when watching the video.)


Step 1: Use the 4STREAM app to connect to the Arylic audio system via WiFi.


Step 2: Click the icon shown by the red arrow in the upper right corner;


4Stream-WiFi-step 1


Step 3: 


4Stream-WiFi-step 2


Step 4: Select the Arylic audio device that you want to connect to. 


4stream-WiFi-step 3


You can use YouTube as your audio source by choosing the connection you want. If you do not know anything about the Arylic audio system or want to know more about it, please feel free to email Arylic: