How to stream TV audio to the Arylic wireless audio system

In our daily life, TV is the entertainment platform that accompanies us the most. So, how do we connect our TV through the Arylic wireless audio system?

Let's use the Arylic A50 Amplifier as an example to introduce how to connect to streaming TV.

We have 3 ways to connect to streaming TV:

1 - Line in
Just connect the wire according to the instruction.

2 - Bluetooth

Step 1: Connect the device on the 4SREAM app and switch to Bluetooth mode.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth function of the TV and connect the device on. (When we successfully switch the device to Bluetooth connection, the product indicator light will turn on blue.)

3 - Install 4STREAM app

Step 1: Install the 4STREAM app software on the TV. 

Step 2: Put the TV on the 4STREAM app as "open", search connected devices. 


Let's take a look at the tutorial video:



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